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17 Jun 2014 - Heroic Garrosh 25man

After some delay we finaly managed to finish the content by killing defeating Garrosh Hellscream on heroic. Congratulations to all those that were here, in the raid or (sadly) not in the raid.

Kill videos

Garrosh Hellscream 25 Heroic Shaman Resto PoV

by Ramius (Resto Shaman PoV)

After some time from our previous kill Paragons of Klaxxi finally died in an unspeakable way of playing from our tanks. On to Garrosh Hellscream.

Fun fact: The kill date can be read backwards too!
After a server transfer, two sub 1% wipes and over ....alot of wipes we managed to kill . 

Kill video frapsed by Alchenda (ex-Taisiya) and Moowalker. Edited by Alchenda(ex-Taisiya) (Rogue PoV, Guardian Druid PoV).

Infinite vs Siegecrafter Blackfuse 25 Heroic

Infinite has moved to Tarren Mill - EU. After 7 years on Sylvanas we moved due to Tarren Mill being a better server than Sylvanas - Horde at the moment. Character migration is free till 14/1 so go ahead and transfer to Tarren Mill. Inform your friends or anyone interested so they can transfer too before the free migration is over. Also, even if your gamecard is expired you can transfer as long as you do not have in-game mails or auctions.

ATTENTION: If you did not transfer already, do so fast. According to a GM free transfers can shutdown anytime if the transfer cap is reached towards TarrenMill. So be sure to transfer ASAP.

14 Dec 2013 - Thok 25man Heroic

Latest heroic kill, [npc]71529[/npc] the big and not-so-bad-ass dinosaur. On to the real encounters now :)

Another heroic kill added to our record, Spoils of Pandaria this time with the awesome [npc]71889[/npc]

Kill video frapsed by Moowalker and edited by Taisiya (Resto Druid PoV).

Infinite vs Spoils of Pandaria 25 Heroic

10 Nov 2013 - Malkorok 25man Heroic

Killing [npc]71454[/npc] was the first hard-ish heroic. Nevertheless we pulled it off.

Kill video frapsed by Moowalker and edited by Taisiya (Resto Druid PoV).

Infinite vs Malkorok Heroic 25

28 Oct 2013 - Nazgrim 25man Heroic

And so [npc]71515[/npc] bites the dust too. That brings us to 8 heroics out of 14.

Kill video frapsed by Moowalker and Taisiya. Edited by Taisiya (Resto Druid PoV, Rogue PoV). Be sure to watch it till the end  ;)

Infinite vs General Nazgrim Heroic 25 (Drowzz's Revenge)
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