<Infinite> is recruiting

Started by mOOwalker, March 02, 2009, 02:36:45

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<Infinite>, having cleared all current content in-game is recruiting:

   - 1 Rogue
   - 1 Enhancement Shaman

- Be able to raid at least 3 days/week.
- Be friendly, able to comprehend English. Vent usage is required, even from a listening perspective.
- Be prepared - Farm your own consumables (Flasks and buff food) for every raid.
- Have cleared 25man content AND have the gear to prove it.
- Have a good knowledge of game mechanics, especially regarding their class and of ways to optimize their performance (how to gear/socket/spec/rotate skills)
- Be over 18 years old.

If interested please post an application @ https://www.infinite-guild.eu/index.php?board=17.0
Feel free to whisper Morfoula or Moowalker in-game, should the need for further clarifications regarding the current post arise.