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Dragon's Prophet

Started by zalmah1, September 11, 2013, 22:22:26

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Hey guys,

I'm a community representative at Infernum Productions, working on the MMORPG Dragon's Prophet. Have you heard of Dragon's Prophet or had a chance to play it yet?

We are looking for guilds who want to experience our latest guild Citadel system released to the public on September 18 and help to improve and polish the game.

For a preview of the new Citadel system, we have a video here:

Or get a brief overview of the game features here:

You can reach out to me any time at mrider@infernum.com or register and download the game client for free, here: http://infmars.com/ct.php?hash=af30da5204e97874995ccacbd9f3b147&aid=

May the dragon gods watch over you,
Matt "Zalmah" Rider


I am Paladin - Zigipaladin ;D !