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Death Knight Closed
Druid Closed
Hunter High
Mage Closed
Monk Closed
Paladin High
Priest High
Rogue Closed
Shaman High
Warlock High
Warrior Closed
Exceptional applicants of any class will be considered.

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Our forums are back up, and Kologran is down (we did it yesterday)

Loots were:

[item]Saronite Plated Legguards[/item] to Blackbones
[item]Handwraps of Plentiful Recovery[/item] to Santorius
[item]Decimator's Armguards[/item] to Kumo (offspec)

And a LW Pattern: [item]Pattern: Blue Belt of Chaos[/item]

Unfortunately the kill video was eaten by little pink gnomes.

Thanks to our emergency disaster recovery team, mOOwalker and Daaran, forum is back on-line fully working with the default theme only. It will be fixed shortly.

Raidplanner - Working
T7DKP - Working
T8DKP - Working

If you notice something that is not working properly, please send an email at admin(at) Ofc replace the (at) with @.

Razorscale killed

Loot were:

[item]Guiding Star[/item] to Santorius
[item]Saronite Mesh Legguards[/item] to Damagemaker
[item]Razorscale Shoulderguards[/item] disenchanted
[item]Fragment of Val'anyr[/item] to Anthara

Kill video by Anthara (Holypaladin PoV)

XT-002 Deconstructor, decontructed.

Loots were:
[item]Mantle of Wavering Calm[/item] to Addoo
[item]Quartz-studded Harness[/item] to Fulgutza
[item]Clockwork Legplates[/item] to Anthara (offspec)

Kill video by Anthara (Holypaladin PoV)

Easy stuff :)

Loots were:

[item]Glowing Ring of Reclamation[/item] looted by Dauthighoul
[item]Embrace of the Leviathan[/item] looted by Addoo
[item]Iron Riveted War Helm[/item] disenchanted

3.1 Patch is up so here are some reminders:

Everyone has certain things they do on a patch day to get them ready for the changes and new content they'll get to experience. Some people wear a lucky pair of socks, or stock up on their favorite drinks and foods. What sort of things do you do and what advice do you have for other players?

Some things to remember:

* Respec your talents and visit a trainer to learn any new spells.

o Don't forget that you can turn on the preview option as a part of a new additions to the interface. You can place your points before actually spending them.
o If you're dual speccing, be sure to make sure you match up your spec to your primary glyphs first unless you are changing them all out completely. You will not be able to copy or move glyphs over to your secondary spec.
o Don't forget to get any Glyphs that you might need for your secondary spec if you are dual speccing. You will no longer need to visit a Lexicon of Power in order to apply them, however.
* Activate any additional interface options you'd like to use. We released a User Interface update a little while ago and there are some new features that you may want to take advantage of such as the additional Objectives tracking. (Equipment Manager as noted in the above stickies will not be released with this patch.) -
* Be sure to take a listen to the great new music in the Argent Tournament and Ulduar!

We got another video from Malygos10 this time, 6min achievement.

Kill Video by Reclusiarch(Mage PoV)

<Infinite , having cleared all current content in-game is recruiting:

- 1 Rogue
- 1 Enhancement Shaman

- Be able to raid at least 3 days/week.
- Be friendly, able to comprehend English. Vent usage is required, even from a listening perspective.
- Be prepared - Farm your own consumables (Flasks and buff food) for every raid.
- Have cleared 25man content AND have the gear to prove it.
- Have a good knowledge of game mechanics, especially regarding their class and of ways to optimize their performance (how to gear/socket/spec/rotate skills)
- Be over 18 years old.

If interested please post an application @
Feel free to whisper Morfoula or Moowalker in-game, should the need for further clarifications regarding the current post arise.

<Infinite killed the evil egg guardian Sartharion in 10man, with his 3 little drakes up on 27/02/08. After almost 3 hours of wiping we conquered the hardest fight in game. With this kill <Infinite has official cleared all 10man content. Now, lets get some [item]Reins of the Plagued Proto-Drake[/item]. Also congratulations to Moowalker for wining the [item]Reins of the Black Drake[/item].

The set-up for the kill was:

Solith - Protection Paladin
Hawtness - Protection Warrior
Hollowalker - Feral Druid

Kumo - Holy Paladin
Umôhjã - Restoration Shaman

Moowalker - Moonkin Druid
Nimfas - Mage
Reclusiarch - Mage
Zedwind - Warlock
Methys - Shadow Priest

Kill Video by Reclusiarch(Mage PoV)

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