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Guild Recruiting

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Death Knight Closed
Druid High
Hunter High
Mage Closed
Monk Low
Paladin Closed
Priest High
Rogue Low
Shaman High
Warlock Closed
Warrior Closed
Exceptional applicants of any class will be considered.

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Since its 20th soon, Infinite is goona be back on raiding. Let me remind you to have a look at Kalecgos tactics
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Thanks to our beautiful cow, daaran we got a new Ventrilo Server. Its details :

Version: 3.0 (You can get if from the offical site,
Port Number: 8791
No Server Password
If someone wants a email adress like daaran(at) , inform me or moowalker and it shall be done.

We will send you the info through ingame message or email.If someone ever leaves the guild or is kicked out of the guild this person will lose the email ofcourse.

Cheers daaran.
Due to inactivity of alot of people, <Infinite> will be on vacation till 20 of August. Meanwhile you are free to do whatever you want with other guilds (raiding wise). Have a nice time and see you soon to new raids. A tip to our new recruits: You are also free to do whatever you want :), but I am 100% sure that we will be raiding full time again at august.

Have a nice vacations.
In order to see who wants to raid and who doesnt want, so I can decide if the guild needs a vacation or not I have put up a mandatory signing.

QuoteWhen you sign for a raid you have 3 options. Confirmed is the for the ROLLED IN players. All guildies should sign either as available or Not available. Those that are signed as available and not showed up will receive -dkp. All players should sign!. People that dont sign at all (without a reason) will be considered that they dont want to raid. As a consequence that will result on a non-raider rank.
Some rules changes and  improvements have been made.

Sunwell DKP:
Inviting and Rollings:
DKP in general:

And for our Druids a tutorial of how play treeform:

Lately there is a trend of people leaving before raid end (or disconnecting), so sadly, I am forced to make a new rule.

Check here:

At last, we got a movie from an Illidan Stormrage kill. Its from Anthara (Paladin PoV). The special about this video is that Illidan is tanked by a Protection Paladin (Alòria). Of course the hard job of tanking the flames is done by 2 druids.

Get the movie here
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