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One Light in the Darkness, Ironbound Protodrake, Dedicated Insanity

Started by mOOwalker, December 05, 2009, 17:08:27

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Time for a nice big update since the author of the news posts was in slacking mode for a long time :D.

Starting with the progress update Infinite did its last hard mode achievement for Ulduar: "One Light in the Darkness"

With this achievement Infinite got their Ironbound Protodrakes. Before the usual flex-pic at Krasus, I have the very nice close-up pic of an Ironbound Protodrake taken at its time of birth.

And of course the usual Flex-Pic-Of-Krasus-Landing

Also, we got a nice 10man achievement that according to WoWProgress we are the 5th Server guild that gets this achievement.

P.S: wow, that was a big update indeed :P


I am Paladin - Zigipaladin ;D !


From the Halls of Valhalla the Goddess of Hunt and Winter has descended upon Azeroth to smite down the Alliance


Gnomes rule!
gnomes don't have officer status, I be editing your posts.... mon!



Very impressive, GZ ppl!  :D

Infinite has always been good, but the rankings indicate that you are better than ever.

Keep going and I wish you good times in Icekrown too, HF!  ;)



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