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Forming an RBG team for some pvp action

Started by fordus, April 09, 2016, 20:30:01

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Hi everybody, I decided to form an RBG team with infinite members that are interested in some pvp action now that you guys seem to be farming mythic with ease. I am currently playing on my DK, Arioch and I will try to take care of the leading-target calling in the aforementioned group. In case not enough are interested I can still find people to finish the group UP. Since we won't be aiming for 2k+ the group composition can be flexible in classes and not very strict. If interested let me know of your class and spec-offspec. If you are interested and don't have pvp gear this is something we can work on together, shouldn't take long, took roughly 10 days for my paladin to be 710 geared.


I can come as Moonkin (which I allready gear).



I can come as feral he has decent gear but i can get gear on something else also depending on what you want/need.

P.S. i got all chars to max lvl


i can come with my hunter but i dont have all the gear but that aint the prob
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Let us make an attempt on Sunday night around 21:00 server time if more people are interested, be sure to download "battleground targets" if you don't have it.


If someone lacks gear they can contact me in game for some fast 2v2 arenas, logic dictates your cap must be huge if you haven't done any.