Guild Recruiting

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Death Knight Low
Druid High
Hunter High
Mage Closed
Monk Low
Paladin Closed
Priest High
Rogue Low
Shaman High
Warlock Low
Warrior High
Exceptional applicants of any class will be considered.

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03 Jul 2017 - Goroth Mythic

Starting off our mythic progress in, was defeated pretty easy.

Our hunt for has finally reached its end by killing him and his thus successfully saving Illidan. With this kill, we reached 10 / 10 Mythic bosses clearing

And so the the planets aligned and we sent back to his planet.

13 Apr 2017 - Helya Mythic

On a side note, we had to finish up some unfinished business in ToV by killing


03 Apr 2017 - Tichondrius Mythic

Meeting up our old friend, we greeted him and send him back at the twisting nether.

With cut down, the gardens of The Nighthold are safe again

Next on the list was that was taken down with a pretty clean fight.

We also have a video from our mythic kill (Hunter PoV)

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