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PVE content

Started by Santo, March 26, 2012, 20:17:14

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March 26, 2012, 20:17:14 Last Edit: March 26, 2012, 20:39:32 by Santo
Since most of us here love pve content I wanted to discuss that a little bit.

First thing I want to say is : THERE ARE NO RAIDS! I know alot of you will be disapointed by this (as was I), but after exploring all that game has to offer on another level, it's not such a big deal.
So the main thing of the whole of Guild wars 2 is that the classical endgame that you see in other mmo's, when you reach maximum level, you expierence here from level 1. This game is not loot base game like most of the mmo's, but it's more about skill (you will see that later). Don't get me wrong there is loot, but it's more about prestige then the stats on it.

There are 2 PVE things that you'll want to get your friends for (not including playing with them in general):
1. Dungeons
2. Big dynamic events

Big dynamic event is mostly understandable. There is big event somewhere, you get your friends and join in the fun.
Here is an example (you won't regret watching it  ;) ):

Dungeons are optional team-based PvE instances each with their own story.
There will be eight dungeons at release. During the personal storyline they can be found about every ten levels starting at level 30, and there are three dungeons at level 80.
You might think "That's it 8 dungeons in whole game?". It's not that simple  :). Each dungeon has story mode and explorable mode. Story mode is something of a "normal" difficulty dungeon. After you finish story mode you unlock explorable mode. Each explorable mode has 3 paths, and every path is almost like different dungeon with different bosses.
So in the end you end up with 8 "normal" dungeons and 24 "heroic" dungeons, which is not so bad  :). From all I saw and read about explorable dungeons they are really not easy. Oh yeah and don't forget dungeon scales you down to it's level, so for instance if your level 80 and go in lev30 dungeon you will be scaled down to level 30, so nothing in this game can be runed through. No healer-tank-dps system, god I love this that everyone has to work all the time to survive  ;).

Video from total biscuit, Ascalon tomb, explorable mode, beta 22.03. :

P.S. It took them 4 hours to clear this explorable dungeon. Once you get more in the game it shouldn't take so long, but just to give you an impression of how challenging the content actually is.   8)