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Sha of Pride 25man Heroic, Galakras 25man Heroic

Started by mOOwalker, October 20, 2013, 14:04:22

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The last of the Sha, [npc]71734[/npc] that was unleashed by Garrosh's arrogance was banished back to....well....where it came from.

Kill video frapsed and edited by Taisiya (Rogue PoV).

Moving towards Orgrimmar and [npc]72249[/npc], he died that fast that our golbin cameramen did not have the time to setup their cameras, thus no video for this kill  :-\

In place of the video, we have a bonus screenshot of [npc]72249[/npc]. You can see it here.


FYI, the weapon at Sha of Pride is [item]28773[/item], Grom's Hellscream (father of Garrosh) weapon.